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Small Vehicle Deliveries Are Better for Everyone

Our GenRev team believe in smart delivery solutions, which is why we make full use of small vehicle deliveries. We aim to get your time-critical parts and packages to where they need to be without damaging the environment in the process. And because bigger isn’t always better, we believe the way forward is to use smaller vans to deliver your essential items.

HGVs aren’t environment friendly. They’re heavy, so they cause wear and tear on roads and tyres. They can only travel on certain routes, and when idling in traffic jams they spew out toxic fumes. They’re expensive to run and maintain, they need drivers to undertake special training before they can legally drive them, and there’s a shortage of HGV drivers.

At GenRev, we believe in using smaller vehicles that are more environmentally friendly than large trucks. Below are the types of vans we use, which have been carefully chosen for the features they offer:

Ford Custom

One of the best-known vans on the market, the Ford Custom is tough, reliable and efficient. Advanced diesel and hybrid technology are combined with geofencing to offer improvements in local air quality.

Ford Transit 

Another popular workhorse of the van world that’s seen some recent upgrades, the Ford Transit is capable of carrying loads of up to 2,357 kg. Vans now come with Intelligent All Wheel Drive, enabling them to access roads where HGVs simply can’t go.

Nissan NV400 

Offering up to 42mpg, the Nissan NV400 comes with Stop-Start technology that reduces emissions and leads to improved fuel economy.

Nissan NV300 

The Nissan NV300 is a mid-sized van offering up to 8.6 cubic metres of interior space. Fuel economy is excellent, at up to 47.8mpg.

VW Crafter

The popular VW Crafter comes with innovations including enhanced safety systems and state-of-the-art driver assistance options.


Developed by the Volkswagen Group under the MAN Truck & Bus brand, the MAN TGE is one of the safest vans on the road. Standard equipment includes Autonomous Emergency Braking and Multi-collision Braking.

We’ve touched on the HGV driver shortage in a previous blog post. But here at GenRev we’re not affected by driver shortages, as no special licences are required to drive our fleet of vans. So, our customers aren’t kept waiting for their parts and packages to arrive.

GenRev drivers have continued to keep to their schedules without any disruptions. Our In Night distribution service and In Boot parts deliveries ensure that all the parts your field service engineers need are ready and waiting for them before they start work. So, you can offer your customers a prompt and efficient service, which reflects well on you and your team.

If you want to avoid delivery issues, why not consider GenRev’s range of smart delivery services? Our smaller van strategy avoids the problems associated with HGVs, ensuring your time-critical packages are delivered swiftly and efficiently.

If your business is looking to improve its delivery strategy, contact us to find out more about our In Boot and In Night services.

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