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What Does the G7 Summit Mean for Your Business?
What Does the G7 Summit Mean for Your Business? Have you been wondering what the recent G7 summit means for your business? There’s certainly been plenty of media attention, but how can a three-day meeting between world leaders impact the average business manager in real terms? We’ve taken a look at the main points covered during the G7 summit, which took place in Cornwall back in June, to get the lowdown on everything you need to know. Worldwide COVID vaccination
Ideas for Sustainable Storage and Warehousing | GenRev
Ideas for Sustainable Storage and Warehousing Sustainable storage and warehousing are at the top of the agenda for many businesses. The pandemic has created a sea-change in the way we now conduct business. And when you consider the encroaching threat of climate change, it’s hardly surprising. Creating a planet-friendly warehouse Companies starting out from scratch with a limitless budget will find plenty of options for creating sustainable storage within a warehouse environment. These days there are so many processes that
3 Ways to Improve Your Spare Parts Delivery | GenRev
3 Ways to Improve Your Spare Parts Delivery Spare parts delivery is one of the most essential aspects of time-critical energy and home appliance repairs. Your customers aren’t interested in the impact of Covid, Brexit and labour shortages which could potentially affect delivery times. They want their boilers, cookers and washing machines repaired as quickly as possible – or they’ll go elsewhere in future. In a previous blog post, we looked at important points to consider for a successful spare
Do You Need a Fast Inventory Strategy?
Do You Need a Fast Inventory Strategy? In our previous blog, we discussed 5 Things to Consider for Successful Spare Parts Management. This time, we’re taking a closer look at whether your business needs a fast inventory strategy, so your field service engineers can get on with repairing customers’ appliances as quickly as possible. Some businesses have the luxury of time, but when you’re involved in repairing domestic appliances, your customers want their items fixed sooner rather than later. Faulty
5 Things to Consider for Successful Spare Parts Management
5 Things to Consider for Successful Spare Parts Management If you’re working in the business of home appliance repairs, you’ll be only too well aware just how many different manufacturers and models are available these days. And that makes spare parts management a time-consuming and potentially costly business. After all, it’s simply not practical for repair outfits to hold stocks of every part for every single appliance. With that in mind, we’ve put together five points to help you manage
Robotics in Logistics
Robotics in Logistics As the effects of the global pandemic shine a light on the importance of robust and reactive supply chains, we take a look at the use of robotics in logistics. Automated warehousing combined with Just In Time distribution could be the answer for businesses looking to improve their efficiency. The benefits of robotics in supply chains Artificial intelligence has been coming on in leaps and bounds in recent times, but there’s no doubting the advancement of the
Future-Proof Your Warehouse
Future-Proof Your Warehouse The events of the past year have shown that businesses need to adopt future-proof warehouse management processes if they want to survive. And Just In Time Distribution is just one of the ways in which they can achieve that goal. Panic buying and supply chain disruption Nobody was expecting the global pandemic to generate a nationwide lockdown, let alone one that would continue, off and on, for over a year. And that was plain to see when
How to Speed Up Customer Service | GenRev (UK) Ltd
How to Speed Up Customer Service Speedy customer service plays a key part in developing and maintaining a satisfied customer base. Right now, at a time when people have high expectations from their online shopping experiences, it’s more important than ever before. So, give your business an advantage by implementing the following strategies to ensure your customer service meets – or better still exceeds – customer expectations every time. A fast and responsive website Whether you’re selling white goods or


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