Common Spare Parts for Home Appliance Repairs

Common Spare Parts for Home Appliance Repairs

If you’re a field technician or engineer, then you’ll be familiar with common spare parts for home appliance repairs. Nowadays, it can be hard to get certain parts when you need them. And the last thing you want is an upset customer waiting at home for you to arrive. Here’s a list of popular items for repairs and a few solutions to getting parts to where you need them.

Washing machine parts

Hose clips, belts, taps and adaptors, or a full drain hose replacement kit; these are a sample of common parts required to fix a washing machine. But there are occasions when you need to get hold of a larger replacement item. Drums, door handles and seals are often specific to particular models, and not all manufacturers have fast access to these spare parts.

Tumble dryer

Similar to a washing machine, there are popular parts like hoses, bearings and belts that are needed to fix a tumble dryer. But there are also a range of specific vent-related items that are required too. Due to the heating aspect, there are different types of spare parts that need to be acquired, such as thermal fuses, sensors, limiters and thermostat kits.

Cooker and oven parts

Ovens and cookers require certain elements and energy regulators, as well as manufacturer-specific function selector switches. Again, field engineers have to rely on the timely availability of these parts to get the job done. Whether you need to fix an oven knob or a door seal, a speedy repair increases customer satisfaction and technician morale.

Faster spare parts delivery

Instead of relying on unreliable supply chains, Just In Time distribution is a cost-effective method of holding stock, saving storage space, and ensuring faster parts deliveries. You can also reduce the risk of spare parts becoming obsolete while sitting in your warehouse. Just In Time ensures your parts are delivered to your field service engineers on time. If you need fast access to small consumables, then talk to us about our Storage, Pick and Pack service.

Our In Night distribution delivers spare parts to your team during the night, avoiding busy roads and traffic jams. Your field technicians get the parts they need, when they need them, and usually before they start their daily work. No delays arising from parts collection from central hubs means that your team can get on their way to the first customer of the day.

And our In Boot delivery service takes this a stage further. We can deliver directly to your engineers’ vehicle boots by 7am (except for the Scottish Islands and Highlands, timings may be slightly later). Your engineer can wake up feeling reassured they have all the parts they need before their first repair job. So, no more waiting around and wasted collection time.

GenRev will help you improve your operational efficiencies with smarter logistic solutions. Contact us to find out more about our range of services for home appliance and repair businesses.

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