Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Smart Deliveries

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Smart Deliveries

Are you looking for more planet-conscious distribution solutions? Did you know you could reduce your carbon footprint with smart deliveries? There are many ways you can work towards a green agenda for your business. We explore the benefits of an intelligent delivery approach, and we’ve listed a few other ways your business can start making a difference.

Save energy

With the escalating energy costs, many businesses are re-evaluating their storage needs. Any type or size of warehouse requires lighting, heating and power. But imagine if instead of using lots of storage space you could rely on a Just In Time distribution service. This gives you access to items, as and when you need them. So, you won’t have to pay extortionate overheads to keep your storage spaces at ambient temperatures for your workers.

Plant trees

A great way to offset your carbon footprint is by planting trees. There are many different organisations that you can partner with, including the Woodland Trust and Ecologi. This year, Ecologi members have enabled 52.9 million trees to be planted, which has offset 2.3 million tonnes of CO2. If you’re interested in team building and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, then tree planting could be a fun and rewarding activity for your employees.

Reduce fossil fuels

There has been a rise in recent years of new vehicles built to use less or zero hydrocarbon fuels, which is a main contributor to climate change. EVs (electric vehicles) and hybrid vehicles are now more common, as improved battery technology has increased driving ranges. Although EV infrastructure still has a lot of room for improvement, there are now more charging points being installed for electric vehicles, including EV-only service areas.

Smart deliveries

Daytime deliveries are prone to traffic jams, where idling traffic and congestion adds to air pollution, which causes climate change. Our In Night distribution service delivers parts to your workers overnight, avoiding busy roads. We use a smart trunking approach and smaller vehicles, which saves time and fuel when compared to larger HGV delivery vehicles.

Our In Boot parts deliveries take this one stage further. This type of smart delivery service enables your items to get to your workers’ car boots before the start of their working day. So, they don’t have to waste time driving to depots to collect parts. This saves time spent in traffic and delays, which again contribute to pollution and climate change.

At the recent COP27 summit, the Prime Minister pledged to make the UK a clean energy superpower. Despite the UK cutting carbon emissions faster than any G7 country so far, there’s still a long way to go. At GenRev, we’re continually reviewing ways for our business to become greener, so we can help towards low carbon targets. And we can help you too.

If your business is looking to reduce its carbon footprint, then smart deliveries could be the answer. Contact us to find out more about our In Boot, In Night and Just In Time services.

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