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Comparing in Boot Delivery with Locker Services

Field service engineers and technicians have a few options when it comes to parts collection and deliveries. They could travel to their nearest depot to collect parts themselves, and they could opt to have them delivered into lockers or their own vehicle boots. But what is the difference between In Boot and locker services, and which option should you choose?

Locker services

Unless your field service engineers happen to live within easy reach of a depot or hub, having parts delivered is always going to be the best option for your business. You want your technicians and operatives to spend their working days being productive, and they can’t do that while they’re driving to collect the parts they need.

Locker services are available throughout most parts of the country, particularly in towns and cities. And in some cases, it’s possible to rent locker space by the day, the week or by the month, so your technicians will always know exactly where to collect their parts from.

But just as with going to collect parts from a hub or depot, your employees must still get into their vehicles to go to their lockers. And that requires time out of their working day and associated fuel costs too. Although not quite as much time is spent travelling further afield, this is still far from being a carbon neutral solution to the problem.

Locker services don’t always have plenty of parking on offer either, so your operatives might have to park some distance away or wait for a space to become available. These places can be particularly busy at the start of the working day, with everyone wanting to pick up their parts at once, causing bottlenecks and unnecessary delays.

In Boot services

When you opt for In Boot parts delivery, you’re saving your business time and money, allowing your field service engineers to focus on the work you’re paying them to do. Rather than having to head straight off at the start of their working day to collect all the parts they need, they can start their first job of the day. And everything they need will be ready and waiting in their vehicles.

There are 49,000 cities, town, villages and suburban areas within the UK, and an in-boot logistics service can visit every single one of them. Even the most comprehensive locker service can’t compete with that! And logistics companies can offer Just In Time, scheduled deliveries and other tailored delivery options too, as and when you need them.

Whether you choose In Boot or locker services, both options aim to solve the same problem – getting those all-important parts to field service technicians and engineers as efficiently as possible. But In Boot delivery is the more flexible option, allowing your operatives to get straight on with their work at the start of the day.

Are you providing your engineers with the most suitable solution for urgent parts delivery? Contact us to find out we can help your company become more streamlined and cost-effective.

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