COVID-19: The Impact on Logistics

COVID-19: The Impact on Logistics

As the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to appear out of nowhere, it rapidly brought almost the entire world to a halt. In such unprecedented times, it soon became obvious that keeping supply chains moving in a safe and timely manner would be essential to keep the country going.

From food supplies to medical equipment, critical deliveries have kept people fed and have helped to save lives. It was clear from the outset that certain industries would have to somehow keep on operating, despite the risks involved. Logistics was one of the sectors given ‘essential’ status, due to its key role in getting supplies where they needed to be.

Essential deliveries

The national shortage of PPE for healthcare staff quickly became front page news, as the government tried to assemble the necessary supplies from companies in the UK and abroad. Meanwhile important medical equipment needed to be stockpiled, while testing kits had to be deployed throughout the country, as the UK attempted a mass testing programme for the coronavirus.

Supermarket shelves were stripped almost bare at the start of lockdown, leading to national shortages of many essential items, such as toilet rolls, disinfectant and hand sanitiser. With frequent shopping trips replaced by one weekly shop, supermarkets and grocery stores had to seek out supplies as a matter of extreme urgency, or risk people going without.

However, during lockdown, home appliances were still breaking down, needing urgent repairs. Ovens, washing machines, and boilers have been relied upon more than ever, especially with engineers and technicians in short supply due to illness and self-isolation. So not surprisingly, the available engineers have seen a huge increase in their workloads, meaning their time has been at a premium.

Timely solutions

Luckily GenRev has been on hand to help with a range of distribution solutions to take the worry and stress out of appliance repairs. Our In Boot parts distribution service ensures field service engineers have all the parts they need at the start of their working day, so they can get straight to work without delay.

GenRev employees have gone above and beyond the call of duty to keep the homes of Britain safe and warm during lockdown. From driving through the night to deliver supplies with our In Night delivery service, to providing a highly efficient and cost-effective Just in time service that delivers items exactly when they’re needed.

We’ve been operating under strict conditions to ensure safe working practices at GenRev. But our drivers have been ready and willing to put their own lives at risk every single day, if it means that engineers can receive time-critical parts to ensure their customers are safer, warmer and more comfortable.

We hope your business has not been too drastically affected by the pandemic. Going forward, our Just in time distribution service could save you time and money in warehousing costs, while our scheduled deliveries will never leave you short of essential supplies.

Please contact us to find out how we can improve your company’s logistics.

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