3 Reasons Why Satnav is Vital for Business Delivery Drivers

3 Reasons Why Satnav is Vital for Business Delivery Drivers

It used to be the case that any road journey to a new destination meant consulting a map and planning a route. But these days technology aims to make just about everything simpler, and that includes navigating the nation’s highways and byways. Nowadays, there’s a selection of satnavs designed to take the hard work out of finding your destination. And they’re particularly important for anyone providing a time-sensitive business delivery service.

At GenRev, we switched to using satnav quite some time ago. And once we started using this technology, we quickly realised the clear advantages it has to offer the logistics industry.

Here are three reasons why satnav helps us to offer an even more efficient service to our customers:

  1. Satnav is always up to date
    Paper maps are only up to date at the time they go to press. They can often contain outdated information even by the time they arrive in the shops, thanks to the speed at which new roads are being built. Road layouts seem to be changing by the week, so paper maps simply can’t keep pace in the same way that digital technology can.
  2. Satnav provides information in real time
    With the best will in the world, even the most up-to-the-minute map can’t warn you about road closures, delays or road traffic accidents. But thanks to digital technology, satnav systems are constantly being updated. Delivery drivers can plan their routes accordingly, avoiding traffic jams, road closures, accidents and delays, making sure your time-sensitive parts are delivered to their destination exactly when they’re needed.
  3. Satnav is easy and safe to use
    Our drivers want to get your deliveries to you as quickly as possible. They certainly don’t want to waste time pulling over to consult a physical map. With the help of satnav technology, they can simply input the postcode for your delivery, and the software maps out the fastest and most direct route, automatically reconfiguring the journey to avoid delays. Therefore, our drivers can keep going without having to keep checking they’re on the correct route.

At GenRev, we use the TomTom and Garmin satnav systems in our vehicles. We find the live traffic updates particularly useful, as they reroute our drivers if a proposed route has exceptionally heavy traffic or road closures. This saves considerable amounts of time, and as a result, our drivers rarely get stuck in traffic. And that means your time-critical deliveries always arrive exactly as planned.

Our team is fully committed to getting your delivery to you on time, so your employees can start or continue with their working day without any delays. Satnav tech enables us to do this easily and efficiently, so you can focus on your workload and your customers; just leave the logistics to us.

Would your business benefit from a smarter logistics solution? Please contact us to find out how we can help your company to be more efficient.


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