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7 Benefits of Sustainable Deliveries

With more than 70% of people in the UK urging the government to introduce stricter environmental controls, there’s an increasing need for companies to up their game. Sustainable deliveries and sustainable logistics are big buzz words right now. Therefore, anything organisations can do to limit their environmental impact is crucial to their ongoing success.

Sustainable deliveries bring a raft of benefits, including the following:

  1. Using recycled packaging materials
    Recycled packaging means less waste, which is good for your customers and good for the planet too.
  2. Reduced storage needs require less power
    Parts storage requires space, which pushes up the costs of heating and lighting the workplace. GenRev’s Just In Time Distribution Service delivers your parts exactly when they’re needed, saving you money in storage costs. Your technicians will have the parts they need for their customers without having to search through shelves full of stock, so your customers benefit from timely repairs.
  3. Better stock management means less waste
    Spare parts can quickly become obsolete, even while they’re sitting on your stockroom shelves. Your business will be leaner and more efficient if you opt for a Just In Time delivery service, which gets your parts to you at the precise time they’re needed. And, scheduled and multi-drop deliveries help to reduce your carbon footprint by grouping your deliveries together, so fewer journeys are needed.
  4. In Boot Service means less pollution
    Spending time on the road, picking up spare parts before heading out to customers, contributes to vehicle pollution. It also wastes valuable working time, which could be more productively used. GenRev’s In Boot parts delivery service ensures the parts your technicians need are with them at the start of the working day.
  5. In Night deliveries mean less traffic and less pollution
    With fewer vehicles on the roads at night, deliveries spend less time in polluting traffic jams, getting to their destination quickly and safely. In Night distribution guarantees your goods will be with you at the start of the working day, allowing your field service engineers to spend their entire day doing the work they’re paid to do.
  6. Prove to your competitors and customers that you are fulfilling your CSR obligations
    Consumers are on the lookout for companies that respect our environment. So, anything you can do to show your organisation’s commitment to environmental issues will strengthen your brand in the eyes of the public.
  7. Helping to protect the planet in the face of climate change
    Possibly the most important benefit of all; opting for sustainable deliveries will help to protect our planet from the devastating effects of climate change.

Consider your current environmental impact as a business. If you’d like to work smarter, more efficiently and help protect the planet too, then GenRev provides a range of smart logistic solutions.

Please contact us to find out how we can help your company fulfil its environmental targets and CSR policy by working with GenRev.

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