Why Choose GenRev (UK) Ltd Specialist Logistics?


There are 6 main ways in which an effective logistics strategy can help improve the productivity of a business, particularly one that employs a number of field engineers & technicians.

Cost control – With the need to control labour costs your workforce needs to be engaged in productive employment, not wasting time travelling to collect parts & tools.

Improving productivity and output – Field engineers are wasting time if they have to collect parts & tools.  With field engineers having the tools & parts at their disposal before the start of the working day their time is spent engaged in their core productive tasks.

Customer service – Reducing the potential for delays in the arrival of field engineers improves the customer experience.

Increasing Demand & Reputation – With improved customer service comes enhanced reputation  & increased business.

Attracting & Retaining Engineers – Retaining staff is essential.  Removing none core activities for engineers can improve employee satisfaction and further boost productivity.

Reliability & Flexibility – Distribution & logistics are specialist services and need  to work 100% of the time with the flexibility to adapt quickly to new business needs.

So why engage a specialist logistics company like GenRev (UK) LTD?

Put simply, GenRev will improve your businesses efficiency & productivity.  If you have field engineers & technicians that have to start their working day by going to a base or central hub to collect parts and tools, your business is not running efficiently.  Research has shown that business that operate in this way loose annually upto £8,000 in wages, £1,100 in travel costs and upto 520 hours in work time for each engineer that has to return to base for parts.  If your engineer is travelling to and from a central hub they are not productively engaged in earning money for your business.

At GenRev provide an efficient, fast and reliable through the night, just in time and in boot logistics service. Our services improve the efficiency of businesses with on site field engineers and technicians, by delivering the parts & tools directly to them.  Ensuring that they have the parts necessary to do their work prior to the start of the working day.  We also offer a return to base service that collects unused parts & tools and delivers them back to your central hub.  These services can result in a 30% increase in the daily productivity of each engineer in your business.

We specialise in delivering parts to a wide range of field service engineers and technicians working for utilitires & telecommunications businesses, automotive dealerships, vending machine technicians, retailers, the home appliance industry and all aspect of spare part logistics.  If you have a time critical delivery to be made you can trust GenRev(UK) Ltd to get it there when it needs to be there.

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