Field Service Deliveries for On Site Technicians & Engineers – What Your Customers Actually Want?

Field Service Deliveries for On Site Technicians & Engineers:

What Your Customers Actually Want?

Field services logistics have changing a great deal over the last few years and many businesses that deliver services to clients in the field are being left behind. Customers expectations about the level of customer service and its promptness have risen significantly and has a major impact on whether or not they will choose a company again. The advent of Amazon and similar organisations next day delivery service has made consumers intolerant of slow delivery, bad service, poor planning or lack of communication. It’s therefore time for companies to start listening to what their customers actually want.

So, What do your customers expect?

Improved Punctuality

Regardless of whether or not a technician actually fixes the problem, time-related issues have a big impact on customer satisfaction. By not resolving these issues promptly, businesses are losing customers. Over 2/3rds of customers who experienced an un-notified delay of only one hour said they would never do business with the same company again.

Making technicians more punctual can be as simple as reducing the amount of unnecessary travelling they have to undertake. Utilising a third party delivery service to deliver parts direct to the technicians location or work location can improve their punctuality rate by over 50%. Consequently, technicians spend less time travelling and customers spend less time waiting.

Sometimes delays are unavoidable. It is imperative that if a field service business is aware of a slippage in scheduling that they inform the customers who will experience the delay. Studies have shown that 73% of customers are more likely to hire the company again if they receive updates about arrival-time and notifications of any delays. So long as the customer is updated on the technician’s arrival time, they are still likely to use that company for their services again.

With an effective communication management system and implementation of field service deliveries, customers will experience a significant improvement in punctuality and be more satisfied with field service time-provision. At the same time field service deliveries will reduce workload and improve the efficiency of your business.

Improved customer service

A single poor customer service experience can lead to a significant drop off in future business with a client. Put simply, one single poor experience can lose you a lifetime of customer loyalty and can have a significant knock on effect. Bad news can travel fast, particularly in this age of social media. A dissatisfied customer is more likely to share their negative experiences with more people than a satisfied customer.

Field service businesses need to ensure that they are providing a consistently high level of customer service and punctuality. 98% of customers will consider re-using or recommending a field service business that is punctual and properly equipped with all the relevant materials. Also attitudes towards technicians who are going to be delayed improved when customers were informed of any potential delays.


A majority of field service businesses still do not implement a field service delivery system or notify their clients of potential delays to a service. This is an opportunity for any business managers wanting to improve their field service technicians productivity, punctuality and customer service rating. It also can make your business significantly better than your competition. So why not give GenRev(UK) Ltd a call to see how we can help your business today!

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