Smarter Business Deliveries: How We Operate

Smarter Business Deliveries: How We Operate

At GenRev, we specialise in smarter business deliveries for parts and other items. Our aim is for your field service engineers and technicians to get straight down to work at the start of each day. This means less time is spent chasing up spare parts and more time is spent being productive.

But have you ever stopped to wonder exactly how we get those all-important parts from A to B? It takes a lot of planning and hard work to make sure your goods are with you exactly when you need them, so we thought we’d explain the process in a bit more detail.

Adapting to suit each client

Some of our clients have hundreds of employees throughout the UK, each of whom requires specific parts for their upcoming day’s work. These parts are held in national distribution centres which could be hundreds of miles away. Other clients have only a handful of technicians, but their need for spares is just as urgent.

Whether big or small, the client company lets us know the details of their packages together with the collection and delivery points. We then work out the most cost-effective and efficient means of getting those parts to where you need them.

We operate out of five main distribution hubs in Bathgate, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol and London, giving us reach across all of mainland UK. We use a system known as ‘trunking’ to provide us with regular routes, which lets us offer our clients a more efficient service while keeping costs to an absolute minimum. It’s a subject we’ll be looking at in a little more depth next month.

Keeping track of your packages

Our drivers head out to clients’ distribution centres to collect parts and deliver any returns from the previous day. Each package is coded and scanned to ensure it’s picked up by the correct driver. Each vehicle then returns to its home hub, where packages are sorted and loaded onto the correct delivery vehicle, with tracking systems making sure nothing ever goes astray.

Our In Boot parts delivery service guarantees field service engineers and technicians within mainland UK will receive their parts by 7am. As a result, they don’t have to travel to distribution centres themselves, or wait for delivery. Our drivers deliver the parts to your employee’s boots, lockers or work depots before the working day, so not a minute of productive time is wasted.

Smarter deliveries often mean working through the night to get your parts to where they need to be. In Night distribution guarantees next-day delivery at a time that suits you, whether that’s 7am, 9am or any other time of your choosing. And for those looking to downsize on warehousing costs, Just In Time distribution delivers parts exactly as and when they’re needed.

Smarter business logistics offers an efficient way to deliver parts from A to B, saving time for your business and your customers, so you can maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Discover a smarter delivery solution for your business today – contact us for more information.

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