Update on Current Supply Chain Issues

Update on Current Supply Chain Issues

There are a variety of challenges currently facing the logistics sector. So we thought we’d update you on current supply chain issues. We’ve also included a few of the ways we are helping to ease various industry pressures.

Russia-Ukraine war and the supply chain

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, many companies are having to reconsider their supply chain strategy due to the impact of the conflict. Certain goods have become short on supply, such as wheat and sunflower oil, leading to global food shortages. As both Ukraine and Russia are key timber suppliers, paper shortages are also being reported. Scarcity drives up the price of goods, creating costly challenges for logistics companies and end consumers.

Rising fuel and energy costs

The spiralling cost of fuel is forcing many logistics companies to raise their prices to avoid facing severe financial losses. Logistics UK conducted a survey which found “71% of UK logistics companies reported an escalation in the cost of transporting goods during Q1 2022 compared to the same period a year ago”. Some businesses operating warehousing facilities are seeing their monthly bills quadruple for the same level of energy usage.

Covid is back for summer

Despite the generally milder symptoms for most people, the latest Omicron covid variant is causing chaos across the logistics and travel industry, including airfreight. As drivers and airport workers take time off work to recover or self-isolate, staff shortages are putting a strain on delivery services.

HGV driver shortages continue…

Yes, with everything else going on in the world, people have forgotten there’s still a chronic shortage of HGV drivers. Government and industry initiatives have started to take effect, but the sector is still short by thousands of drivers. Combined with staff shortages due to the latest covid outbreak, this is a perfect storm. We use smaller vans to deliver parts to our clients nationwide, which means your business will enjoy faster and more flexible deliveries.

GenRev smart logistics solutions 

GenRev has a range of solutions to help ease the pressure of current supply chain issues. Here’s a quick reminder of our four top-rated services:

  • In Night distribution – Avoid delays by getting your parts to your field engineers overnight, so they have everything they need at the start of the next working day.
  • In Boot – Deliver parts to the boots of your field engineers’ vehicles overnight or early morning, so they can drive to their first destination instead of depots to collect parts.
  • Just In TimeReduce warehousing costs and the risk of parts becoming obsolete and minimise storage space and resources with a faster turnaround of stock.
  • Parts storage, pick and pack service – the next step in the evolution of our Just in Time service, we can hold, manage and deliver a small stock of consumables for your business.

Increase the productivity of your field engineers and technicians by improving your business efficiencies. And that starts by getting your spare parts to where they’re needed on time. Contact us to find out more about our smart delivery services.

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