The Productivity Benefits of Outsourcing Your Field Service Supply Chain

Ensuring your field service engineers are properly equipped at the start of the working day is the product of an efficient field service supply chain. There are many commercial benefits to outsourcing parts & tools delivery and this is a critical part of any business that has engineers & technicians in the field.

Running an effective supply chain is complex and not an area of expertise for many businesses.  Businesses with many workers in the field and centrally located distribution hubs can experience significant delays in deployment, high margins of error and reduced productivity if logistics are not the central focus of a dedicated tea. That is why supply chain management requires a comprehensive and considered approach.

Being unable to successfully deliver parts & tools to engineers or goods to customers is detrimental to both the service  a business offers and its reputation. That is why for many companies, a solution to supply chain management is to outsource the operation,  leaving them to focus on the day-to-day running of their operation and growing their business.

At GenRev(UK) Ltd our supply chain management goes beyond the simple transactional relationship to encompass value-added processes, such as demand planning, configuration and returns management. This enables us to take a holistic view of your businesses entire logistics system. To know where all your parts & tools are, whether they are with an engineer, in a warehouse or stock holding facility, or in a secure location such as a storage locker.

All our logistics movements can be traced to see at precisely what stage of the supply chain a delivery is located. As a result, businesses spend less money on same-day transport and unnecessary stock holding.  Re-evaluating your supply chain operation can help businesses to improve field engineers productivity, speed up service, improve customer experience and reduce costs.

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