The Benefits of ‘In Night’ Delivery

The Benefits of ‘In Night’ Delivery

In night deliveries speed up the process of connecting one part of your business to another.  This can be particularly important if your business has workers ‘in the field’.  Thanks to GenRev(UK)’s ‘In Night’ delivery that guarantees delivery by the start of the next working day, employee downtime can be reduced and field teams can start the day with everything they need without having to go to a central depot to collect parts or tools.  These can be delivered direct to the place of work, a secure location or even directly to their vehicles with our ‘In Boot’ delivery option.

GenRev(UK) Ltd’s ‘In night’ distribution service is tailored to suit your business needs,  structure, locations and workforce. We’ll give you the benefit of our considerable logistics experience when choosing your delivery options but the service you get will ultimately be your design.

If your business needs help with developing an effective logistics system get in touch with GenRev(UK) Ltd. Your trusted logistics business partner.

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