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Case Study: Spare Parts for Earth Moving Machinery

Here at GenRev, we are committed to providing our customers with cost-effective delivery solutions. From home appliance repair services to heavy vehicle manufacturing companies, prompt delivery of spare parts enables your business to operate at maximum efficiency, allowing you to maintain your brand reputation. This article delves a little deeper into the spare parts delivery solutions we offer to one of our clients.

About the Client
Our client manufactures earth moving machinery and has an ongoing requirement for spare parts, which are needed for customer repairs.

Multiple deliveries and collections
Prior to using GenRev’s services, our client had tried a number of different parts delivery services. The company often used the regular Royal Mail delivery service, as well as PUDO and Sameday. But in addition to this, engineers frequently had to collect parts from their depots, which wasn’t the most effective use of their time. From both a time and cost perspective, it made sense for the company to organise all their parts deliveries through one single carrier.

Challenges meeting repair deadlines
Our client guarantees a 24-hour repair service to all their customers. However, due to delays in getting the necessary parts to the field engineers, they were often failing to achieve this target. Also, the variety of delivery options made it difficult to trace the necessary parts required for each job.

Further problems often arose from engineers collecting parts from their local depot. Although engineers would arrive at the depot between 7 – 7.30am, they often had to wait until 9 – 10am before the parts were delivered. This meant they had to wait around for up to three hours before they could head off site to carry out the day’s repairs. And those valuable hours spent waiting around for parts, could have been more usefully employed in carrying out vital repairs.

The GenRev In-Boot solution
Our In-boot delivery service enables the company’s field engineers to start their working day with all the necessary parts they need, already in the boot of their vehicles. Parts are delivered directly to the field engineers’ home addresses, which saves time and avoids any needless delays.

The results
Our client reports increased customer satisfaction now that their 24-hour repair guarantees can be met. At the same time, operational costs have been reduced by using just one single carrier for all deliveries. The company’s field engineers are more productive too, as they no longer have to wait around at the depot for spare parts to arrive.

[Insert client testimonial?]

Here at GenRev, we know how to get your spare parts to the place they’re needed, at the exact moment they’re required. If space is an issue, our Just In Time distribution service is the perfect solution. And, we also offer In Night distribution too, as well as our In Boot parts delivery service.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you save time and money by ensuring your parts are with you whenever you need them.


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