What are In Boot Deliveries?

What are In Boot Deliveries?

Have you ever worked out what percentage of time your field service engineers spend tackling repair jobs? If you’re not making use of In Boot deliveries or using time-tracking software or apps, then be prepared for quite a revelation. So, what are In Boot deliveries?

In Boot deliveries for time-critical repairs

There are a number of different delivery options available at GenRev, but our In Boot distribution service needs to be on your radar if your business deals with time critical repairs. Thanks to a huge rise in home shopping over the past couple of years, consumers expect a superfast repair service these days. And keeping your customers waiting around for their home appliances to be fixed will have an impact on your customer retention strategy.

In Boot deliveries enables your field technicians and engineers to get straight on with their day’s repairs, since everything they need has already been stowed in their vehicle boot. All they’ll need to do is check over any paperwork, work out directions for the location of their first job of the day, and get off to work.

Compare that with the usual scenario of going out to source spare parts. This could involve phone calls to enquire about stock, backed up by in-person visits to track down missing or elusive parts. It’s entirely possible that your engineers might not even start their first repair until several hours after signing on for work that morning.

Will In Boot deliveries save your company money?

If your workforce isn’t already benefitting from In Boot deliveries, you’re doing them and your business a grave disservice. Your engineers and technicians are on their pay grade because of their technical abilities, not for their skill in tracking down parts. The more time they can spend doing what you pay them to do, the more profitable this will be for your business finances – not to mention your reputation.

And a field service engineer who’s spending potentially productive time searching for spare parts isn’t likely to be happy or fulfilled. Your customers won’t be any happier either, especially if they’ve taken time off to be available for the repair. And in the worst-case scenario, you could end up losing that customer altogether, simply because your engineers have been forced to turn detective to source their own parts.

The GenRev In Boot service can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. You will know the location of your consignments and when they’ve been delivered. All packages are placed into your engineers’ vehicles overnight, ready for them to get straight down to work the following day.

When it comes to maintaining company efficiencies, In Boot deliveries are a smart way to get parts to your field engineers or technicians. GenRev’s In Boot parts delivery service will ensure time-critical parts are always on time, so you can always exceed your customers’ expectations.

If your business is looking to improve its delivery strategy, contact us to find out more about our In Boot delivery service.


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