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Future-Proof Your Warehouse

The events of the past year have shown that businesses need to adopt future-proof warehouse management processes if they want to survive. And Just In Time Distribution is just one of the ways in which they can achieve that goal.

Panic buying and supply chain disruption

Nobody was expecting the global pandemic to generate a nationwide lockdown, let alone one that would continue, off and on, for over a year. And that was plain to see when restrictions were first introduced back in March 2020, followed by panic buying on a scale never seen before in this country.

Confronted by empty supermarket shelves and shuttered retail premises, consumers switched to online shopping on an unprecedented scale. And this is something that looks set to continue, with some studies suggesting that over 80% of those surveyed expressed a preference for continuing to shop online in the future.

How to future-proof your warehouse

With demand for warehousing at an all-time high, storage costs are also increasing. The use of robotics can help to maximise available space, but that requires some hefty initial financial outlay. Yet there are plenty of other ways in which businesses can help to trim their costs and reduce their environmental impact at the same time.

Smart packaging solutions are just one option. Machinery is available that can collect and compress packaging ready for recycling, saving on space and helping the planet at the same time. There are also options to reuse existing packaging, such as perforating cardboard to use as a protective packing material. Sustainable and cost-effective, perforated cardboard is being hailed as a potential game-changer for smaller businesses.

There are an increasing number of sustainable heating and lighting options now available for warehouses, including solar panels and ground source heat pumps. New storage facilities are being built with better natural light, and an increasing number of newer facilities can even harvest rainwater, making them more eco-friendly.

Do you even need a warehouse at all?

Cutting back on warehousing and storage costs completely is another idea that’s becoming popular among business managers, particularly given the spiralling energy costs involved in heating and lighting premises. Technology is moving at such a pace that parts are becoming obsolete within months, rather than years, so a proactive approach is necessary to avoid maintaining useless items of stock.

Just In Time Distribution is one of the most sustainable techniques for stock management, since it completely removes the need for holding onto large quantities of parts. Items are ordered as and when they’re needed, so they don’t have to spend time gathering dust on a warehouse shelf.

Due to the volatile economic climate, all businesses need to consider future-proofing their warehousing premises. GenRev’s Just In Time distribution is a highly efficient and environmentally sound distribution solution that businesses should consider to save on costs and resources.

If you’re looking to future-proof your warehouse, contact us to find out how Just In Time distribution services could save you money and help the planet.

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