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Robotics in Logistics

As the effects of the global pandemic shine a light on the importance of robust and reactive supply chains, we take a look at the use of robotics in logistics. Automated warehousing combined with Just In Time distribution could be the answer for businesses looking to improve their efficiency.

The benefits of robotics in supply chains

Artificial intelligence has been coming on in leaps and bounds in recent times, but there’s no doubting the advancement of the industry has been pushed ahead by Covid. As the country locked down and everyone was obliged to stay at home, mail order and delivery services became more important than ever before.

Suddenly, we were buying everything online. It’s a trend that’s been gaining ground steadily over the past few years, but lockdown pushed it to the forefront. Even major players based entirely around home deliveries, such as Amazon, found themselves having to put new systems in place to speed up picking and packing processes for faster despatch times.

Robotics are now being used more frequently, thanks to the advancement of technology. Robots can pick items much faster than a human, and when items are stored with robots in mind, much less space is needed for warehousing. According to their supporters, robots reduce errors, improve sorting times, speed up the fulfilment process and reduce costs overall.

The importance of human involvement

Of course, the rapid uptake of robotics has been of particular concern to workers, who fear their jobs will eventually be replaced by technology. But initial studies show that this isn’t necessarily the case. A degree of human involvement is always necessary to oversee operations and to undertake other tasks that cannot be automated.

Throughout the recent lockdowns, many workers have found themselves freed up from unsafe and undesirable work, which can now be completed by robots instead. Employers are finding this leads to an increase in job satisfaction, with workers reporting more time available to spend on solving problems and improving business practices. As a result, more resources can be directed towards Customer Services, with members of the public preferring to have direct human contact whenever possible.

Ultimately, it’s all about keeping the customer happy while keeping all the associated costs to a minimum. This is where logistics services such as our Just In Time Distribution can help. We get your items to you exactly at the time when you need them, saving you from having to pay for expensive storage and warehousing. Your business can still respond quickly to customer demand, but without all the extra warehousing costs involved in terms of lighting, heating, labour and wastage.

The future of smart logistics lies in the ability to embrace technology and robotics to enhance the way businesses operate.  Just In Time distribution is a highly efficient way of organising your supply chain without incurring unwanted and unnecessary costs.

If you’re looking for a smarter delivery solution for time-critical parts, please contact us today to find out more about our services.


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