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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose an In-Night Delivery Solution
5 Reasons Why You Should Choose an In-Night Delivery Solution As businesses start to reopen, following the gradual easing of lockdown restrictions, there’s likely to be increasing demand for time-critical deliveries. In this article, we list 5 reasons why an in-night delivery solution could be the answer to your business needs. Less traffic at night Once people resume commuting to their workplaces, the roads are going to get much busier, and that means more traffic jams! But by switching to
Comparing in Boot Delivery with Locker Services | GenRev (UK) Ltd
Comparing in Boot Delivery with Locker Services Field service engineers and technicians have a few options when it comes to parts collection and deliveries. They could travel to their nearest depot to collect parts themselves, and they could opt to have them delivered into lockers or their own vehicle boots. But what is the difference between In Boot and locker services, and which option should you choose? Locker services Unless your field service engineers happen to live within easy reach
The Brexit Effect on Your Supply Chain | GenRev (UK) Ltd
The Brexit Effect on Your Supply Chain It seems to have taken forever but we finally left the EU as 2021 dawned, leading many companies to consider the Brexit effect on their supply chain. Even companies which trade exclusively within the UK are likely to find themselves affected, depending on where parts are coming from and how they’re managing their supply chains post-Brexit. Longer delivery times It usually takes a lorry around 20 minutes to clear customs in the UK
Your Business Delivery Checklist
Your Business Delivery Checklist When your business relies on time-critical parts and deliveries, you need to be sure you’re spending your time and money on profitable solutions. So, we’ve put together a useful business delivery checklist to help you keep on track. Why not go through each point on our list to see ways in which you could potentially trim costs, improve efficiency and offer your customers a superior service? 1. How well do you communicate with your field engineers?
How the Internet of Things Will Change Deliveries
How the Internet of Things Will Change Deliveries In December we were looking at upcoming trends in the transport industry including an increased reliance on the Internet of Things. And as the new year takes hold, we’ve decided to dig a little deeper into the ways in which the Internet of Things will impact upon deliveries. Let’s start by defining what’s meant by the term ‘Internet of Things’, or IoT, as it’s often referred to. It encompasses the increasing numbers
the future of transport
The Future of Transport As we approach the new year, our thoughts have been on the future, and specifically, the future of transport. Due to Covid and Brexit, we’re seeing some huge changes to supply chains and working practices. So, this prompted us to consider what might lie ahead for the world of logistics in 2021 and beyond. At GenRev, we’ve combined our experience with insights gained throughout 2020 to develop our upcoming Smart Delivery Box, which we’ll be launching
Smarter Business Deliveries: How We Operate
Smarter Business Deliveries: How We Operate At GenRev, we specialise in smarter business deliveries for parts and other items. Our aim is for your field service engineers and technicians to get straight down to work at the start of each day. This means less time is spent chasing up spare parts and more time is spent being productive. But have you ever stopped to wonder exactly how we get those all-important parts from A to B? It takes a lot
How to Minimise the Environmental Impact of Logistics
How to Minimise the Environmental Impact of Logistics Coronavirus has impacted many aspects of life in 2020, but it hasn’t all been bad news – at least, not for the planet. The positive benefits to the natural world have got many businesses thinking about ways they can minimise the environmental impact of their logistics. Climate change is a major issue, with vehicle pollution seen as one of the biggest causes for concern. Nitrogen dioxide, or NO2, is a particular issue


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