Update on Current Supply Chain Issues
Update on Current Supply Chain Issues There are a variety of challenges currently facing the logistics sector. So we thought we’d update you on current supply chain issues. We’ve also included a few of the ways we are helping to ease various industry pressures. Russia-Ukraine war and the supply chain As the Russia-Ukraine war continues, many companies are having to reconsider their supply chain strategy due to the impact of the conflict. Certain goods have become short on supply, such
5 Interesting Facts About Delivery Services
5 Interesting Facts About Delivery Services People have been transporting goods and delivering parcels across the world for thousands of years. But do you know the origin of deliveries, especially for important purposes or for business? Here are five interesting facts about delivery services over the millennia. First recorded delivery service Did you know that one of the first known services involving the movement of goods originated in ancient Egypt around 2400 BC? Along with moving blocks to build the
Spare Parts Deliveries | GenRev (UK) Ltd
Spare Parts Deliveries Time-efficient, cost-effective spare parts deliveries will enable your business to stay profitable and sustainable. Across various industry sectors, we are seeing an unprecedented level of scarcity when it comes to spare parts. So, now’s the time to review your current delivery strategy to make sure you are experiencing a smooth and seamless service. Research shows that inefficient field service businesses lose up to £8,000 in technician’s wages through lost or wasted time. Let’s look at all the
What are In Night Deliveries?
What are In Night Deliveries? In Night deliveries are a service that gets parts and parcels to businesses overnight, so they are received ready for the next working day. So, what are In Night deliveries and how does it work? Also known as In Night distribution, this type of delivery service has various benefits. Time-critical repairs In Night deliveries are a popular choice for any business that uses time-critical parts for urgent repairs. And this is why it’s a firm
Common Challenges for Field Engineers
5 Common Challenges for Field Engineers In today’s world there are many challenges facing field engineers, especially delays caused by traffic jams or problems sourcing spare parts. Does your business rely on skilled technicians or engineers to repair customer goods? We’ve listed five common issues below. Remote workforce management Managing any type of employee remotely has become normalised in recent years due to the pandemic, but this still comes with a range of challenges. Many companies are now using engineer
What are In Boot Deliveries
What are In Boot Deliveries? Have you ever worked out what percentage of time your field service engineers spend tackling repair jobs? If you’re not making use of In Boot deliveries or using time-tracking software or apps, then be prepared for quite a revelation. So, what are In Boot deliveries? In Boot deliveries for time-critical repairs There are a number of different delivery options available at GenRev, but our In Boot distribution service needs to be on your radar if
Tackling Rising CO2 Emissions for Businesses
Tackling Rising CO2 Emissions for Businesses Tackling rising CO2 emissions is an important topic for businesses in the face of climate change. Whether you run fleet vehicles, rely on deliveries or you’re simply driving to and from work, many of us are on the lookout for ways to reduce our fuel usage, especially with rising costs. And this applies to any company carrying out repairs, which requires the supply of time-critical spare parts to field engineers. So, who can you
What are Just In Time Deliveries? | GenRev (UK) Ltd
With economic security a major concern for businesses across the UK right now, there’s a growing interest in Just In Time deliveries. But what exactly is Just In Time distribution, and how does it work? ‘Just In Time’ is a concept developed by Toyota in the 1970s. The Japanese car manufacturer revolutionised its systems by deciding to order in parts as they were needed, rather than storing them in warehouses. It allowed for a more streamlined and cost-effective production line,


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