5 Supply Chain Problems | GenRev (UK) Ltd
There have been a number of supply chain problems over recent years, thanks to recent global events. Just about everyone throughout the UK has been affected in one way or another. Although some issues have been resolved, others are still ongoing, but the five following issues have had the biggest impact on supply chains over the past two years. Suez Canal blockage The Ever Given container ship blocked the Suez Canal for a week during March 2021, causing major disruption
Delivery Delays Cost Customers | GenRev (UK) Ltd
Delivery Delays Cost Customers Delivery delays aren’t just frustrating for you and your customers. A late or failed delivery could cost your business dearly, because a dissatisfied customer is unlikely to be a returning one. And that’s a real problem, as we’ll explain. It’s cheaper to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one Take a look online and you’ll see that Customer Acquisition Costs, or CACs involve a whole lot more expenditure than simply retaining your current
Small Vehicle Deliveries Are Better for Everyone
Small Vehicle Deliveries Are Better for Everyone Our GenRev team believe in smart delivery solutions, which is why we make full use of small vehicle deliveries. We aim to get your time-critical parts and packages to where they need to be without damaging the environment in the process. And because bigger isn’t always better, we believe the way forward is to use smaller vans to deliver your essential items. HGVs aren’t environment friendly. They’re heavy, so they cause wear and
Climate Change & Logistics
Climate Change & Logistics It’s impossible to deny the strong connection between climate change and logistics, particularly since the freight transport industry is responsible for generating up to ten per cent of the world’s total carbon emissions. Not surprisingly, this is a subject that’s very close to our hearts here at GenRev, which is why we operate our services in the way that we do. Logistics vehicles contribute to carbon emissions Most vehicles in the logistics industry use hydrocarbon fuels,
NEW Parts Storage, Pick and Pack Service
NEW Parts Storage, Pick and Pack Service Today we’re sharing more about our brand-new Parts Storage, Pick and Pack service. We think it’s going to be an extremely significant addition to our current range of spare parts solutions, and we hope you do too. We’ve already whetted your appetite for this service in our previous blog post, where we’ve given you a teaser introduction. Let’s explore this new offering in more detail… What do we mean by Parts Storage, Pick
The Future of Delivery Vehicles
The Future of Delivery Vehicles Climate change is one of the biggest problems the world is facing right now, so there’s a huge amount of interest in reducing harmful vehicle emissions. And here at GenRev, we’ve been wondering about the impact this is going to have on the future of delivery vehicles. Regular readers will know this is a subject very close to our hearts. In a previous blog post, we’ve already taken a look at sustainable warehousing solutions. And
Reflecting on 2021 and New Service Developments
Reflecting on 2021 and New Service Developments As another turbulent year draws to a close, we’ve been reflecting on 2021 and looking at how we’re all trying to move forwards from the events of the preceding year. Although it’s very clear that many industries are still feeling the effects of Covid and Brexit – and doubtless will do for some time to come – we’re very busy here at GenRev. This is due to the ongoing custom and support of
Reduce Road Pollution by Optimising Deliveries
Reduce Road Pollution by Optimising Deliveries As pandemic restrictions begin to ease and more people have started returning to work, road pollution is once again on the increase. But following the recent COP26 meeting of global leaders, there’s an urgent need for action on climate change, including finding effective ways to reduce road pollution Less pollution during lockdowns As soon as the first national lockdown took hold in the UK in March 2020, there was an instant and noticeable drop


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