Reduce Road Pollution by Optimising Deliveries

Reduce Road Pollution by Optimising Deliveries

As pandemic restrictions begin to ease and more people have started returning to work, road pollution is once again on the increase. But following the recent COP26 meeting of global leaders, there’s an urgent need for action on climate change, including finding effective ways to reduce road pollution

Less pollution during lockdowns

As soon as the first national lockdown took hold in the UK in March 2020, there was an instant and noticeable drop in air pollution. Commuters were told to stay at home, with only essential journeys and shopping trips permitted, which quickly had a knock-on effect on air pollution levels. But the effects were only temporary, and as the country slowly moved out of lockdown, air pollution levels started to rise once again.

COP26 aimed to highlight the current situation; the earth’s temperature is rising due to ongoing pollution, principally in the form of CO2, which traps warm air in the atmosphere. There’s currently around 50% more carbon dioxide in the air than there was during the 19th century, mostly due to burning fossil fuels, including coal and oil.

A focus on home deliveries

The national lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 have undoubtedly helped to reduce vehicle emissions, but there’s much more work to be done, as COP26 has shown. People are much more willing to order goods online, with companies such as Amazon and other online shopping sites experiencing a boom in sales.

The government has issued advice to shoppers to try to limit the number of deliveries they receive by ordering several items in a single delivery and making smarter delivery choices. For example, they suggest looking out for the green van symbol when ordering an online supermarket shop, which allows drivers to optimise their routes, saving on fuel and emissions.

Smarter delivery solutions

If your business relies on time-critical deliveries, such as spare parts for home appliances, you can help your business and the planet by making smarter delivery choices. Instead of your field service technicians having to search for the parts they need, why not choose an In Boot delivery service instead? All the parts needed for that day’s work are stored safely in your engineers’ vehicles before they start work, so there’s no chasing up to do.

Or how about an In night distribution service, which limits the amount of time drivers have to spend with idling engines in traffic jams? Driving through the night means less congestion leading to less pollution. And your goods will still be with your field engineers or sales reps first thing in the morning, exactly when they’re needed, so they can get on with their working day.

How can you make a difference in your business when it comes to reducing your impact on the planet? GenRev’s smart delivery services help you to reduce your carbon footprint by getting parts and other items to your teams on time before customer appointments.

Reduce your carbon footprint by using GenRev. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of our In Night and In Boot services.

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