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NEW Parts Storage, Pick and Pack Service

Today we’re sharing more about our brand-new Parts Storage, Pick and Pack service. We think it’s going to be an extremely significant addition to our current range of spare parts solutions, and we hope you do too. We’ve already whetted your appetite for this service in our previous blog post, where we’ve given you a teaser introduction. Let’s explore this new offering in more detail…

What do we mean by Parts Storage, Pick and Pack?

Regular readers of our GenRev blogs will already know how enthusiastic we are about conserving our planet’s valuable resources, as shown in our consideration of sustainable warehousing solutions. But we’re also committed to creating smarter business deliveries too, saving you time and trouble whilst ensuring your time-sensitive parts are ready and waiting for your field service technicians exactly when they’re needed.

So, we’re extremely proud and delighted to present our fantastic new Parts Storage, Pick and Pack delivery service. This new service aims to give you regular access to small consumable parts whenever they’re required, helping you to provide a superior repair service to your customers while keeping costs to a minimum. We think this will prove to be a welcome addition to our current logistics options.

How does Parts Storage, Pick and Pack work?

Our new Parts Storage, Pick and Pack option is a natural next step from our Just In Time distribution service. But whereas Just In Time deliveries require you to order the necessary parts from your supplier just as they’re needed, our new Parts Storage, Pick and Pack service takes care of your warehousing solution too. This makes it ideal for obtaining small parts and consumables that are required frequently.

Here at GenRev we’ll store your parts for you, picking and packing them as needed, before delivering them to your engineers before they start their day’s work. You’ll be making savings on warehousing and staffing costs and you’ll still benefit from all the advantages that a Just In Time distribution service has to offer. And this means your business can carry out speedy repairs, without having to worry about potential delays caused by low stock levels.

Rather than having to spend time and money logging and storing your most commonly used spare parts, we take care of all that for you. And we aim to be as flexible as we possibly can, so we can provide you with an efficient and cost-effective service. You can customise your storage and replenishment options according to the specific needs of your business. Select a weekly or monthly schedule, or any other timescale that suits your requirements.

Whether you’re one of our existing customers or if you haven’t worked with us before, we hope you find our new Parts Storage, Pick & Pack service beneficial to your business.

We can help you to improve the speed and reliance of your spare parts supply chain. Contact us to find out more about our Parts Storage, Pick & Pack service today.

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