What are In Night Deliveries?

What are In Night Deliveries?

In Night deliveries are a service that gets parts and parcels to businesses overnight, so they are received ready for the next working day. So, what are In Night deliveries and how does it work? Also known as In Night distribution, this type of delivery service has various benefits.

Time-critical repairs
In Night deliveries are a popular choice for any business that uses time-critical parts for urgent repairs. And this is why it’s a firm favourite with home appliance companies, who like to keep their customers happy with fast cooker and washing machine repairs. Don’t keep your customers waiting around for their home appliances to be fixed. Instead, arrange your repair in full knowledge that spare parts will reach your field engineer overnight, as required.

Reduced downtime
As your employees have already received their parts overnight, they can get started with their first job of the day. In Night distribution removes the need to travel to different depots to find parts, along with needless waiting time while parts are sourced. Instead, urgent items are delivered to a place of work or a secure location so they can get on with the job at hand.

Better stock control
Getting the parts to your field technicians, as and when they are required reduces the need to hold great quantities of stock in central depots. And if there are any parts to collect, this can be done at the same time. We can deliver what you need, when you need it, and if we’re not delivering to your premises, we can agree a safe delivery location. Certain repairs require certain parts, so why not order what you need as it’s required?

Guaranteed next working day
Across the UK, In Night deliveries are guaranteed by a time that suits your business, whether this is 7am, 8am or 9am. The only exception would be the Scottish Highlands and surrounding isles, which may take a bit longer. Whether you need a single part or a van full of items, we will get your delivery to you while the nation sleeps. As our drivers travel through the night, they avoid busy roads and traffic jams, so deliveries are always on time.

Service designed to your needs
The GenRev In Night service is highly flexible, convenient, and can be tailored to suit your business objectives and customer needs. And you’ll also be helping the environment by reducing the time a vehicle is stuck idling in daytime traffic, which is a major cause of road pollution. When it comes to business efficiencies, In Night deliveries are a smart way to get parts to your field engineers or technicians, saving you time, money and wasted resources.

GenRev’s In Night distribution can ship last-minute, time-critical parts to you at short notice, And our In Boot deliveries take this a stage further by delivering parts directly to the vehicle boots of your field technicians and engineers.

Improve your business delivery strategy today – contact us to find out more about our In Night delivery service.


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