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With economic security a major concern for businesses across the UK right now, there’s a growing interest in Just In Time deliveries. But what exactly is Just In Time distribution, and how does it work?

‘Just In Time’ is a concept developed by Toyota in the 1970s. The Japanese car manufacturer revolutionised its systems by deciding to order in parts as they were needed, rather than storing them in warehouses. It allowed for a more streamlined and cost-effective production line, so it wasn’t long before Toyota’s competitors started copying the initiative.

The Just In Time concept soon spread beyond the manufacturing industry, and it’s now becoming increasingly popular throughout the repair sector too. Every business is looking for ways to trim expenditure without impacting on service delivery, and Just In Time is the perfect solution.

Does your business need to free up capital?

We’re facing uncertain times right now – not just in the UK, but globally – as a perfect storm of events makes it more challenging to keep afloat financially. Tying up money in stock is particularly risky, and that’s aside from the rising costs of warehousing. Lighting and heating prices are rapidly spiralling out of control, leaving businesses worrying about budgets and resources, and still providing customers with an outstanding service.

This is where Just In Time deliveries come in, providing a cost-effective solution that promotes increased efficiencies, while simultaneously reducing outgoings. It means businesses can dramatically cut their storage costs without any corresponding reduction in service. Savings are made from this reduction in warehousing and relating administration costs, while any concerns about obsolete stock and shrinkage are removed completely.

For Just In Time deliveries to work successfully, it’s essential to source a distribution partner that your business can rely on. Here at GenRev we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to our clients. Our Just In Time Distribution Service is perfectly designed for any business wanting to improve efficiencies.

New Parts Storage, Pick and Pack service

Of course, if there are some parts that you regularly need, a straightforward Just In Time delivery service might not be the most appropriate solution. After all, you’ll want to take advantage of bulk ordering discounts, which saves your business money in the long run. And you’ll probably be hoping to minimise your carbon footprint too, which is pushed higher with frequent deliveries. That’s why we’ve created our new Parts Storage, Pick and Pack service.

We provide storage for your most commonly used parts, so you can offer your customers even faster delivery times, without having to push your own prices higher. Your business will have a more streamlined approach to day-to-day operations, especially when it comes to supplying parts to field engineers.

If you want to reduce your storage costs and increase your flexibility, consider GenRev’s Just in Time and Parts Storage, Pick and Pack services. Contact us for further information.

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